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In 2004, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which endorses cultural diversity, founded the Creative Cities Network to support partnerships and mutual exchange among the world's "creative cities" aspiring to growth through the promotion of cultural industries. The network is organized under the seven themes of 1) literature, 2) film, 3) music, 4) crafts and folk art, 5) design, 6) media arts, and 7) gastronomy.

Kobe City was appointed to the Creative Cities Network as a City of Design on October 16, 2008.
In the future it will be important for member cities to make the best use of this network, interact with one another, learn from the strengths of other cities, and attain mutual growth. Kobe City will work to promote its strengths to the world as "Kobe, UNESCO City of Design."

Director-General of UNESCO has nominated Reykjavik (Iceland) as the fifth UNESCO City of Literature joining Edinburgh, Melbourne, Iowa City and Dublin.
We now have 29 members in our Network!

Creative Cities Network member cities
(29 cities in 7 fields, as of August 2011)

world map

Design Berlin (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montreal (Canada), Kobe (Japan), Nagoya (Japan), Shenzhen (China), Shanghai (China), Seoul (Korea) ,Saint-Étienne(France),Graz(Austria)
Literature Edinburgh (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Iowa City (USA), Dublin (Ireland)
Film Bradford (UK), Sydney (Australia)
Music Bologna (Italy), Seville (Spain), Glasgow (UK), Ghent (Belgium)
Crafts and folk art Aswan (Egypt), Santa Fe (USA), Kanazawa (Japan),Icheon(korea)
Media arts Lyon (France)
Gastronomy Popayán (Columbia), Chengdu (China), Östersund (Sweden), Reykjavik (Iceland)
Event of Creative Cities Network

international exchange

December 6 (Mon) to 9 (Thu), 2010
Twenty-one cities from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network participated in the Shenzhen International Design Conference held in Shenzhen, China. Participants exchanged views on future issues and directions of the network, and Cities of Design presented proposals regarding future partnership programs.
November 23 (Tue), 2010
During the Saint-Étienne International Design Biennale 2010, creators from Cities of Design gathered in response to calls by Saint-Étienne and Montreal, and presented case studies under the theme of "design and mobility in a creative city."
unesco design cities network summit 2010
October 25 (Mon) to 28 (Thu), 2010
A UNESCO Design Cities Network Summit 2010 participated in by seven Cities of Design was held during the Buenos Aires International Design Festival. Under the theme "design for everyone," each city gave public presentations, working-level meetings were held to discuss partnerships among cities and future programs, tours of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) and design universities were organized, and opinions were exchanged with Buenos Aires-based designers.
wdc world design cities summit
February 23 (Tue) to 24 (Wed), 2010
Kobe City participated in a major international conference, "World Design Cities Summit," hosted by Seoul, South Korea, the "World Design Capital 2010." Representatives of international design organizations and UNESCO Cities of Design presented case studies under the themes of "design and urban development," "design and business," and "design and quality of life," after which the "Seoul Design Declaration" incorporating the continuation of the World Design Cities Summit was adopted.
shanghai international creative industry week
October 15 (Thu) to 16 (Fri), 2009
Four UNESCO Cities of Design participated in the opening ceremony of the Fifth Shanghai International Creative Industry Week and Shanghai International Creative Industry Forum 2009. The forum program included presentations by cities on their ongoing programs, an overview of Shanghai's programs, and exchange of opinions among cities on future exchange activities.
shenzen international designconference
October 12 (Mon) to 13 (Tue), 2009
Kobe City participated in the Shenzhen International Design Conference held to mark Shenzhen's designation as a City of Design. Representatives of six UNESCO Cities of Design and representatives of China gave presentations and exchanged views on the three themes of "design and the city," "design and economy," and "design and ethics."
unesco creative cities network meeting
June 15 (Mon) to 17 (Wed), 2009
Sixteen cities participated in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Meeting held at the City Hall in Lyon, a "City of Media Arts." Each city introduced its ongoing projects and specific plans for the fiscal year's exchange programs. The cities then exchanged views on future partnership and exchange programs.

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